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NFL World Reacts To Watson Lawsuit News

  • Reportedly, Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson is facing a lawsuit.
  • As per the tweets from Camryn Justice –
  • “A new lawsuit has been filed against #Browns
  • Deshaun Watson, as another woman, a licensed
  • massage therapist only identified as “Jane Doe,”
  • accuses him of seeking sex during a massage session
  • in 2020 and being able to “pressure her into oral sex.”
  • Patrick Storm took to Twitter and said –
  • “This likely won’t have any repercussions from the
  • league because in the settlement with the league,
  • they agreed that anything of similar nature during this time
  • the period wouldn’t be subject to NFL disciplinary action.”
  • Earlier Watson was suspended for 11 games due to legal issues.

NFL World Reacts To The Herschel Walker Mom News

  • Walker and his family have always been making the headlines.
  • This week, again they are making headlines.
  • He has made a claim about his heritage.
  • According to him, his grandmother was Cherokee.
  • “HERSCHEL WALKER: “My mom just told me that my grandmother was full-blood Cherokee.
  • So I’m Native American!
  • … I’m a super mutt.”
  • As first reported by @jbendery,
  • Walker’s mom said she was “kin to Cherokee,” also saying:
  • “I don’t know too much about how she was connected.” – Heartland Signal tweeted.
  • Fans feel he can be one of the best politicians.

NFL World Reacts To The Al Michaels Unhappy News

  • The Commanders will be facing the Bears this week.
  • Al Michaels, Amazon Prime announcer said,
  • he might retire if this week’s game is dull like last week’s.
  • Mike Ryan (Ruiz) tweeted –
  • “If we don’t have a better game than we had last Thursday,
  • then I may retire,” Al Michaels said to Waddle & Silvy.
  • “I’ve done nearly 800 NFL games,
  • and with all due respect, guys are trying.
  • I understand and we all know that, but that was grim.”
  • One fan said – “Sad to see his career end tonight”.
  • “OK Carson Wentz, don’t make Al Michaels retire,” another fan said.

NFL World Reacts To Controversial Tom Brady Excuse News

  • When asked about his opinion on the controversial “roughing the passer”, Brady said,
  • he’s always been on the wrong side of bad calls on the major games.
  • “I’ve lost Super Bowls because I thought (the referees) missed a call,” Brady tweeted.
  • Fans expressed their reaction on Twitter –
  • “Corey Clement & Philly Special” – one fan said.
  • “Eagles They didn’t call that PI.
  • Giants in 07 missed holding in Seymour on Three catches to name a few”- another said.
  • “Holding on the helmet catch and multiple in the Eagles game” – another commented.
  • “Birds were just better I’m afraid” – another joked.
  • “guys entire career is based on calls that went his way..” another fan said.

NFL World Celebrating Brian Dawkins On Thursday

  • 2022 has been a special year for the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • The Eagles remain unbeaten now in the NFL season.
  • Though, Brian Dawkins believes, Thursday is a special day for them.
  • Today is Hall of Fame safety Brian Dawkins’s birthday.
  • Today he turns 48 years old.
  • During his tenure with the eagles and Denver Broncos,
  • he was one of the most feared safeties of his generation.
  • “It’s party time for HOFer @BrianDawkins! Happy birthday” – Philadelphia Eagles tweeted.
  • “To this day, nothing gets us more fired up
  • Happy Birthday to the ultimate hype man, @BrianDawkins! – NFL Films said.

NFL World Reacts To What Cowboys Said About Jalen Hurts

  • During the press conference this Thursday,
  • Lawrence was asked about the improvement
  • that Eagles QB Jalen Hurts has made this season.
  • He responded in an interesting way.
  • “Has he played us?” Lawrence asked.
  • “All right.” “All you need to write is he hasn’t played the Cowboys yet,
  • so we don’t know how good he is.” – he continued further.
  • “Damn, Lawrence not mincing words.
  • Makes for great theatre on SNF” – Matt Verderame said.
  • “Has Dallas played a top OL yet?
  • Has Dallas faced a top DL yet?
  • You can make the same case for your own team,” – one fan said.

NFL World Reacts To Todd Bowles, Mike Tomlin News

  • This weekend the Steelers and Buccaneers will play against each other in Pittsburgh.
  • When Bowles was asked on Wednesday about his relationship with Tomlin, he said –
  • “I have a very good relationship with Tomlin,”
  • “We don’t look at what color
  • we are when we coach against each other.
  • We just know each other.
  • I have a lot of very good white friends that coach in this league as well.
  • I don’t think it’s a big deal as far as us coaching against each other.
  • I think it’s normal.”
  • “I love this,” – a fan tweeted.
  • “He dropped the ball on this. Representation does matter.
  • I don’t care what he talking bout
  • As soon as they stop making it a big deal about black head coaches in the NFL
  • is when they go back to having 0 black head coaches in the game.
  • Do better Bowles.” – a fan tweeted

NFL World Reacts To Tyreek Hill Locker Room News

  • This Wednesday, McDaniel praised his team captains for removing the ping pong table.
  • Dolphins head coach believes, now the players can focus more on their opponents.
  • NFL on CBS tweeted –
  • “Wednesday: Mike McDaniel praises team captains
  • for removing ping pong table in the locker room,
  • so they can better focus on opponents
  • Thursday: Tyreek Hill says reason the table was removed
  • was because it was bent & they are ordering new custom-designed one (via @DavidFurones_)”
  • “Not sure why, but that made me laugh, so 21st Century stuff.” – a fan said.
  • “Either way, extraordinary leadership” – another joked.

NFL World Reacts To Saints Injury News

  • Currently, there have been a lot of injuries for The New Orleans Saints.
  • Reportedly, 14 players were listed on the team’s injury list.
  • Adam Schefter from ESPN tweeted –
  • “No practice today for a second straight day for Saints’
  • WRs Jarvis Landry and Michael Thomas as well as CB Marshon Lattimore,”
  • Thomas didn’t play last two weeks due to injuries.
  • “Take the Bengals and the points while you still can for + money,” – one fan said.
  • “Smh need another great run game to control the clock.
  • Keep our defense off the field,” another said.
  • “We can’t stay healthy for s**t,” another tweeted.

NFL World Reacts To Brian Robinson Decision News

  • Brian Robinson Jr. made his debut last week.
  • He had suffered multiple gunshots, a little over a month.
  • Still, he has been contributing a lot to the team.
  • Ian Rapoport said Robinson is expected to start for the Commanders in Week 6.
  • “He’s gonna eat tonight,” one fan said.
  • “I hope he balls out tonight,” – another tweeted.
  • “We tried to give fantasy managers a heads up on #gatosclub,
  • but Antonio Gibson’s stock is officially dropping.
  • He’ll still potentially get touches,
  • but he’ll be behind Robinson for run-game work
  • and likely McKissic for passing down work,” another tweeted.

NFL World Reacts To Nick Bosa News

  • For San Francisco 49ers fans, there’s bad news.
  • Nick Bosa didn’t come for practice on Thursday.
  • He had a groin injury during a game against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.
  • Some fans believe he should take some rest.
  • “Rest up, we need you next week,” said one fan.
  • “Save him for KC…
  • another turf game in ATL might as well keep him off it,” – another tweeted.
  • “Niners own the Seahawks lmao” – another joked.
  • “Automated hate that’s wild” – others said.
  • “Rest him for KC” – another tweeted.

NFL World Reacts To Significant Dak Prescott News

  • The Cowboys listed Prescott as a limited participant for this week.
  • Earlier, he had an injury on his thumb.
  • Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy said –
  • “Dak had a good day yesterday,
  • He threw post-practice and it went well.
  • The plan today is to have him participate
  • in the quarterback school drills and
  • then he will throw again post-practice.”
  • Nick Eatman tweeted – “For the first time since his injury,
  • Dak Prescott is listed as “limited” on the Cowboy’s injury report.
  • Still doesn’t mean he’s playing Sunday but he was able to participate in Thursday’s practice.”
  • “Progress and exactly what I wanted to see,” Tom Downey commented.

NFL World Reacts To James Conner News

  • This weekend, the Arizona Cardinals might play without James Conner.
  • James Connerdidn’t’t came for practice on Thursday.
  • NFL insider Aaron Wilson said,
  • Conner will not be playing against the Seattle Seahawks this weekend.
  • “Oh look yet another Seahawks opponent missing its top
  • WR and/or top RB.
  • Surely this time things will be different,” – one fan tweeted.
  • “Eno Benjamin about to eat,” a fan said.
  • “Wheels up for Eno Benjamin,” said another.
  • Darrel Williams is also havingan injury and he’s likely to miss the game as well.

NFL World Reacts To Falcons Coach, Wife News

  • Last Sunday, Grady Jarrett was penalized for sacking Tom Brady.
  • After the loss, Jarrett told reporters that he was baffled by the call.
  • “Just looking back on it,
  • I’m still kind of left clueless,
  • On what I’m expected to do in that situation.” – Jarrett said.
  • “My wife told me do not say anything.” – Pees said.
  • “That’s a great Wife wonderful advice just don’t say anything brother,” – a fan joked.
  • “I love Dean Pees,” another wrote.
  • “Smart man,” another said.
  • Since 2004, Falcons Coach, Pees has been coaching.

NFL World Reacts To Tom Brady, Gisele Friends News

  • Reportedly, Bundchen’s friends are taking her side
  • as there has been a lot of talks in their relationship.
  • As per the reports of Us Weekly –
  • “Gisele and Tom’s friends are upset at Tom
  • for going back on his word and coming out of retirement,
  • They hate the way Tom is refusing to bend for Gisele…
  • This was really the first big issue they’ve had in their marriage.
  • Friends are hoping they aren’t past the point of no return.”
  • Fans were pretty amused with this news.
  • “He should just retire,” a fan tweeted.
  • “They’re adults. They can handle it themselves.
  • Their friends should mind their own business,” – another said.

NFL World Reacts To The OBJ Demand News

  • OBJ took to Twitter this Wednesday and said,
  • LA Rams didn’t offer him the expected to contract to return this season.
  • Reportedly, he didn’t feel the team’s offer matched his worth.
  • According to Ian Rapport, OBJ was looking for a “Michael Gallup-type” offer.
  • Gallup signed a five-year, $57.5 million deal with the Dallas Cowboys last season.
  • “Imagine we didn’t waste that money Robinson,
  • kept Woods, and could’ve used that money for Odell,” – a fan said.
  • “5yr $57 mil for OBJ. Seems like a no-brainer.
  • Write the check,” – another said.
  • “OBJ Will Be 30 Next Month.
  • He Has Torn His ACL Twice Since 2020 & He Wants 5 Years for $57m.
  • I’m So Lost…” – another fan said.

NFL World Reacts to Rodgers returning to Practice

  • Aaron Rodgers missed practice on Wednesday due to a thumb injury.
  • He suffered an injury against the New York Giants last weekend.
  • He returned to the field for practice on Thursday.
  • Wes Hodkiewicz tweeted –
  • “Aaron Rodgers (right thumb) was participating in Thursday’s padded practice.
  • Both David Bakhtiari and Elgton Jenkins practicing too, for back-to-back days.
  • Christian Watson (hamstring), Tipa Galeai (hamstring)
  • and Marcedes Lewis (rest) not practicing #Packers”
  • “No Rodgers was supposed to take the whole week off
  • and not play against my Jets,” a fan tweeted.
  • “Looks fine… move along,” another tweeted.

NFL World Reacts To What Tom Brady Said About Referees

  • Tom Brady was asked about the challenges which come with officiating NFL games.
  • Brady thought to have some fun. He said –
  • “I miss throws, refs miss calls,
  • We try to do the best we can do.
  • And when they don’t go your way,
  • just complain to the refs like I do.”
  • “Was this supposed to be funny or something?” – a fan tweeted.
  • “I mean he won the Saints game by doing it,” another said.
  • Bradly went further and said –
  • “It was a long hug, A long, unwelcomed hug from Grady.
  • He was in the backfield all day.
  • As I said after the game, I don’t throw flags
  • What I do throw is tablets.
  • He had a helluva game, so I’ll leave it at that.”

NFL World Reacts To Controversial Roughing Decision News

  • Acc to The Athletic’s Kalyn Kahler,
  • On Wednesday, Perry Fewell sent a video to all 32 teams.
  • As per Kahler, Fewell said –
  • “The Kansas City defender executes his rush plan
  • in his effort to sack the quarterback,
  • He lands with his full body weight on the drive to the ground.
  • A quarterback in the pocket, in a passing posture,
  • gets full protection until he can defend himself.
  • This was a properly called foul for roughing the passer.”
  • “Well obviously they aren’t going to admit they were wrong,” – a fan said.
  • “They are entitled to defend their decision.
  • They’re wrong, but they are entitled to defend it,” – another tweeted.

NFL World Reacts To John Elway News

  • During radio interview on Thursday,
  • John Elway created hype on social media.
  • He said that the Broncos were also big fans of Kevin O’Connell.
  • “We were really, really impressed with his interview,
  • so it does not surprise me that he’s having good success up there,
  • He was very, very impressive in the interview process,
  • and it was nip and tuck which way we wanted to go.
  • So I was glad to see that he got an opportunity,
  • and I’m glad to see he’s having the success
  • he’s having because he gave a great interview with us.” – John Elway said.
  • “Love Elway but he should have hired Kyle Shanahan,” one fan reacted.
  • “Old Johnny always stoking his own ego!!” another said.

NFL World Reacts To What Michaels Said About Snyder

  • Al Michaels was all over social media on Thursday night.
  • During ongoing matches of the commanders,
  • Al Michaels invited Washington owner Daniel Snyder.
  • Daniel Snyder has been criticized a lot recently,
  • for several troubling allegations within the organization.
  • Al Michaels said on the ongoing broadcast –
  • “Just by feeling: What the league would love is for him to sell the team.
  • Not to go to a vote. Just sell the team.”
  • Albert Breer took to Twitter and said –
  • “Al Michaels said on a national game broadcast
  • that he thinks the league wants Dan Snyder
  • to sell the Commanders is worth paying attention to.”
  • Sydney however won’t be selling the Washington NFL franchise for sure.

NFL World Reacts To The DeSean Jackson News

  • On Thursday night, Jackon was asked by Pacman Jones,
  • if he is ready to retire and he said no.
  • “Hell nah, I ain’t retired!
  • I’m a free agent, and ready to go,” Jackson said.
  • Jackson played his last game for the LA Rams and Las Vegas Raiders in 2021.
  • “I would gladly sign him” – one fan said.
  • “He can return punts.
  • Probably lost some speed but he can’t be worse than what we have now” – another said.
  • “Always plays great when in Philly,
  • problem is he was 90% injured last stint – another commented.

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