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NFL World Reacts To Robert Kraft Donation News

  • Reportedly, Robert Kraft donates a $50 million gift to Massachusetts General Hospital.
  • New England Patriots tweeted –
  • “Robert Kraft & the Kraft family
  • donates $50 million gift to [Massachusetts General Hospital] …
  • The largest donation in support of community health
  • and equity in Mass General Hospital history.”
  • Joe Pompliano expressed his reaction on Twitter –
  • “Kraft has donated $50 million to Massachusetts General Hospital
  • to ‘address healthcare disparities caused by race,
  • ethnicity, geography, and economic status,
  • It’s the largest donation in the hospital’s 211-year history.”
  • This huge amount would surely help the Mass community.

NFL World Reacts To Controversial Political Billboard News

  • Recently The Fetterman campaign was posted on a billboard.
  • It accused any self-proclaimed Philly sports fan.
  • John Fetterman tweeted –
  • “Now that Dr. Oz is running for office,
  • he acts like he’s a real Philly sports fan.
  • But we all know he’s really a Cowboys fan
  • Our beautiful new billboard at the Linc won’t let you Iggles fans forget it,”
  • “When the best you’ve got is accusing a guy of rooting
  • for a rival team your campaign’s completely out of ideas,” one fan tweeted.
  • “This is brilliant.
  • I don’t miss living in Philly,
  • but I’m kind of disappointed that I won’t get to vote for Fetterman
  • and against Dr. Oz this election day,” another one said.
  • “This might be the best political ad I’ve ever seen” – another fan tweeted.
  • This billboard is expected to have a lot of traffic.

NFL World Reacts To Greenberg’s Controversial Opinion

  • Lot has been said about the league’s roughing-the-passer calls recently.
  • Mike Greenberg from ESPN said –
  • “But the NFL is doing the exact right thing with these calls,
  • Two weeks ago, the National Football League had a moment
  • that everyone in the world saw on a Thursday night
  • where one of their highest-profile players, Tua Tagovailoa,
  • was lying in a fetal position and we all saw how incredibly frightening that was.
  • The following morning, Get Up spent two hours talking about it –
  • it was the highest-rated Friday we’ve had the entire season.
  • And Robyn Roberts was talking about it on Good Morning America.
  • This Monday – after the Brady play – we spent five minutes
  • talking about what we thought was a bad call
  • and Robyn Roberts was talking about the midterm elections.
  • That’s what the NFL wants.
  • They’re much better off with a call we deem bad than having moments than the one with Tua.”
  • Though fans don’t completely agree with Greenberg.
  • “This is really dumb. Yeah, protect your players.
  • They are doing the right thing there
  • but that has nothing to do with TERRIBLE officiating that swings games.” – one fan tweeted.

NFL World Reacts To McCaffrey Destination List

  • Reportedly, The Panthers don’t plan to trade McCaffrey
  • Fans took to Twitter to express their views –
  • “I hope the Bills get him so they stop running Josh into the ground,” a fan tweeted.
  • “Do the Rams even have any draft picks to trade,” another said.
  • “Except there’s literally zero reasons
  • the Panthers would want to trade him.
  • They’re a relatively young team
  • missing nothing but a competent coach and QB.
  • They’re not about to blow up the whole thing,” another fan tweeted.
  • Recently Panthers fired head coach Matt Rhule due to an unexpected start.

NFL World Reacts To Disturbing Cowboys Fan News

  • Dallas Cowboys fans are having a great time.
  • The Cowboys have won four games back to back.
  • QB Dak Prescott’s injury didn’t have much impact on the team’s performance.
  • Earlier, Prescott injured his thumb in the first game of the season itself.
  • “Why did he put cowboys fan at three ends
  • that was so irrelevant to the story lol,” – one fan said
  • “I would be mad, too. Only one round of drinks.
  • Naw homie, them lace joints we 300 plus 4 rounds of drinks,” another tweeted.
  • “Mans Trippin I would’ve told her to tell him to make it $500
  • and we got a deal,” another said.

NFL World Reacts To Bill Belichick’s Extreme Praise Today

  • This weekend, Cleveland Browns will be facing the New England Patriots.
  • Bill Belichick praised a lot for tight end David Njoku.
  • Belichick said, via Andrew Siciliano –
  • “After Ozzie, probably the best tight end the Browns have ever had,”
  • Belichick hardly praises anyone.
  • Even fans were surprised when he praised David.
  • “GARY BARNIDGE SHADE,” one fan said.
  • “Gary Barnidge erasure,” – another tweeted.
  • “Classic Bill! Buttering up the competition
  • so he can come out and coach his tail off to smash the opposing team.
  • He did this to us last year!” – another fan said.

NFL World Reacts To Controversial Penalty Decision News

  • In week 5, there were two controversial roughing passer calls.
  • As per ESPN, Adam Schefter said –
  • “A league source said today that ‘there is no backing down
  • on enforcing rules that are in place to protect the health and safety of players,
  • including quarterbacks, who by rule are considered defenseless players
  • when they are in a passing posture.'”
  • “Fine. 5 Mississippi and one rush per 4 downs then,” a fan commented.
  • “That’s fine, but rework the rule so it at least has a tiny bit of logic involved
  • Context, intent, location of hit, excessiveness, etc.
  • What is in place now is absurd–
  • can’t hit high, low, body weight (the dumbest of all),
  • sliding… it’s all nonsensical.” – another fan said

NFL World Reacts To What Jason Peters Said About Eagles Fans

  • Peters, 40, will be on Dallas’ sideline for the first time.
  • During the press conference, Peters spoke about the Cowboys-Eagles rivalry.
  • “I just know Philly fans are f—in idiots
  • when it comes to the camaraderie and the Cowboys,
  • any team, really,” Peters said. “…
  • They know that. They pride themselves on being nasty.
  • Philly fans are the wildest fans out there.” – Peters said.
  • “Jason Peters is a fraud,
  • Not going to be nasty, but he’s a fraud.” – one fan tweeted.
  • “This is a compliment really,
  • this is something that sounds worse in word form than speaking,
  • I’m sure by idiots he meant in a good way,” – another tweeted.

NFL World Reacts To Tom Brady’s Personal Life News

  • There has been a lot going in Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen’s married life.
  • When asked, he said to CNN –
  • “I think I’ve had to learn a lot of things over a long period of time in sports,”
  • “I think there’s an intense amount of stress that we all deal with,
  • and how do you relieve stress
  • so that you’re not inflicting so much damage on yourself through a kind of stress response?
  • So it’s something I’ve always continued to try to work at,
  • and it’s obviously a challenge for me
  • and different forms of whether it’s physical therapy or mental therapy,
  • all those things I’ve definitely done over the years.”
  • “Brady should quit football,” one fan tweeted.
  • “There are so many stories about the difficulties
  • Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen are facing.
  • So do men and women handle marital issues and divorce differently?” another fan wrote.

NFL Player, Jamie Gillan’s Passport Issue Has Reportedly Been Solved

  • Jamie Gillan had to stay behind in England due to a passport issue.
  • He did not change his pre-existing visa to a work visa which made him stay there.
  • NFL insider Tom Pelissero via ProFootballTalk said –
  • Gillan got his issues resolved.
  • He has boarded a plane to the United States
  • Gillan is expected to arrive later today.
  • Gillan is currently averaging 51 yards per punt this season.
  • He has been playing a good game so far.
  • He averaged 50 yards per punt in the Giants’ 27-22 win over the Packers on Sunday
  • Currently, Jamie Gillan is in his first year with the Giants.

NFL World Reacts To Gisele-Brady Relationship News

  • There has been a lot going on in Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen’s married life.
  • Their relationship has grabbed a lot of eyeballs recently.
  • According to a few sources, they might even file for divorce.
  • “You can’t be in a committed relationship
  • with someone who is inconsistent with you.
  • Read that again,” – BuzzFeed posted.
  • Gisele commented on the post with a prayer hands emoji which was expected.
  • It further suggests that she’s also agreeing with that statement.
  • “Marry someone, then put ultimatums that they change everything
  • that they are… what was the goal? What is a win here?” one fan said.
  • “Gisele said she is breaking up with Brady for being inconsistent.
  • I guess she plays fantasy football too and has had enough,” another said.

NFL World Reacts To Tragic Death of Tyrone Davis.

  • Tyrone Davis is no more. He was 50 years old.
  • Davis earlier played for Green Bay Packers and New York Jets
  • The cause of death is still not known.
  • Earl Dotson was the first one to confirm the death of his former teammate.
  • “This is difficult to post,
  • Rest in paradise teammate.
  • This good man Tyrone Davis fought beside me on the NFL Green Bay Packers for years.
  • Brother forever.” – Dotson posted.
  • In 75 NFL games, Davis had 73 receptions for 795 yards and 13 touchdowns.
  • Fans took to Twitter to offer their condolences.

NFL World Reacts To Week 6 Schedule Change News

  • According to ESPN’s Field Yates –
  • The NFL has made a tentative change to its Week 6 schedule.
  • “in the event that the Astros-Mariners series goes to a 4th game this Sunday,
  • Seahawks-Cardinals will be moved back from 4:05 PM ET to 5:30 PM ET.” – Yets tweeted.
  • “Yes, they should always have a 5:30est game,
  • Gets us all the way to SNF,
  • and gives us an option to bet on when we miss the 4-4:25
  • because we aren’t paying attention. Gives us hope.” – one fan commented.
  • “This probably won’t affect TV coverage
  • (Fox regionally in AZ and the PNW) but we’ll see,”506 Sports tweeted.

NFL World Reacts To OBJ, Rams News

  • Reportedly, OBJ has been ruled out a return to the Los Angeles Rams.
  • Beckham replied to one of the fan in Twitter –
  • “LA knows where I wanted to be…
  • but they didn’t offer me…. Anything!
  • So IDK what people want me to do,
  • I def know my worth and what the offer was isn’t reflective of that.
  • So it’s tough to say that I can come on back
  • even tho I thought I finally found that home !”
  • “What’s your cash app I got $20 for you right now,” – one fan said.
  • “This is so disappointing. OBJ should’ve been a priority all off-season,” – another said.
  • “PAY OBJ. It’s that simple. Literally was going to be the SB MVP.
  • Stop playing around. OBJ IS LA,” one fan commented.

NFL World Reacts To Jonathan Taylor News

  • Jonathan Taylor didn’t perform well compared to the 2021 season.
  • He has a lot of potentials and he proved himself last season.
  • The best of him is yet to come out.
  • Taylor was unable to play last Thursday’s game due to an ankle injury.
  • He missed a practice session as well this afternoon.
  • Zak Keefer tweeted –
  • “Jonathon Taylor rehabbing off to the side”
  • “It’s only Wednesday, but none of this seems good,” one fan said.
  • “Worst fantasy pick I’ve ever made,” another wrote.
  • “He’s probably tired of watching Matt Ryan throw 5-yard incompletions repeatedly,” another tweeted.

NFL World Reacts To Tagovailoa’s Return Wednesday

  • In Week 4’s Thursday night game, Tagovailoa suffered a serious head injury.
  • He returned to the practice field for the first time.
  • “After the scare Tua, his family, teammates,
  • Miami Dolphins and Dolphins Nation went through,
  • this is a beautiful sight!!!” one fan said.
  • “Come back bro PLEASE,” another fan said.
  • “This makes my heart happy,” another tweeted.
  • Though he practiced in the field,
  • He won’t be playing this Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.
  • Teddy Bridgewater will also be out of this game.

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