Johnny Depp's new single The Death and Resurrection Show

Johnny Depp astounded his fans with an all-new delivery 'The Death and Resurrection Show', which is evidently from his impending collection '18'

The famous Pirates Of The Caribbean entertainer took to his Instagram record to astound fans with an all-new single The Death and Resurrection Show.

The melody is a front of a 2003 track by a similar name by the band Killing Joke.

Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck have teamed up on numerous tracks and have likewise played out the track together at London's Royal Albert Hall recently .

The track sees Depp on Bass, Vocals, and Rhythm Guitar, while Beck plays the Lead Guitar. 

The impending collection 18 has an exceptional significance behind its title. 

Beck referenced that he and Depp used to kid about how they 'felt 18 once more' and named the collection in like manner, according to the Independent.

The collection will incorporate fronts of different tracks remembering Velvet Underground's Venus For Furs, 

Marvin Gaye's What's Going On, Everly Brothers' Let It Be Me, and substantially more.

It is booked to deliver on July 15 and fans can hardly hold on to hear the pair making sorcery together.