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NFL Patriots Reporter Make Huge Blunder

Earlier Ben Volin reported that Jones did not want Belichick to start Zappe against the Green Bay Packers.

After few days a user revealed, that they had pranked Volin by pretending to be a Patriots ticket employee.

That user gave him false information as well.

Ben Volin publickly apologized on Twitter.

"Hey everybody, just want to acknowledge that I made a mistake Wednesday on @WEEI. 

I should have not spoken of the DM without vetting it first. No excuses, It won’t happen again.

I appreciate the feedback and comments I’ve received."

"I respect the apology but why lie? We all know this will 100% happen again." a fan tweeted.

"Please share! Lol", another fan said.

"You’ll never be taken seriously again but congrats on keeping your job", another fan suggested.