Tylor Swift new album 'Midnights' is releasing.

Taylor Swift announced her new album 'Midnights' will be released in October.

Taylor Swift reveal her 10th studio album is on the way at the MTV Video Music Award.

She said that,"You guys, I’m just so proud of what we made, and I know that every second of this moment that

we wouldn’t have been able to make this short film if it weren’t for you, the fans,”

Swift's offical website is crashed at midnight.

She shared the title and cover of the 13 track album explaining as' the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life”.

She wrote ,"This is a collection of music written in the middle of the night, a journey through terrors and sweet dreams,”

Last year Swift broke a record of 50 year that was once set by Beatles, for the fastest collection of no.1 album in the UK.

Fearless, Folklore and Evermore all became no 1 in UK.

Net worth of Taylor Swift is $450 million.